The joining

I like all things vernal,lime-green, new unfurling like a trillfrom the throat of a nightingale. I feel like the apple of the eyeof the world, and still these words are an approximation while my identityis being reshuffled, Inanna to Ishtar, syncretisation. The withered grassfeeds the young. I was never the shining torchbearer of a precocious… Continue reading The joining

Poetry reading: 2 golden shovels

I recorded another poetry reading earlier this week. This time of two golden shovel poems. The poems use lines from Sylvia Plath's poems 'On the plethora of Dryads' and 'Childless woman'. I accidentally deleted the video I made last week, but this one did make it on to YouTube. Unfortunately I'm no longer able to… Continue reading Poetry reading: 2 golden shovels

Poetry reading: 2 mythological poems

My apologies! I had recorded a reading of two poems for IGTV and was planning to add the video to my YouTube channel so I could embed it here. Unfortunately two things happened. One was that I just found out that I can no longer embed videos on my blog, because I downgraded to a… Continue reading Poetry reading: 2 mythological poems