Poetry in translation: Rapier

After Lize Spit the neighbour pushes his dogthe leash taut like a rapierthe lawn mower tows the man who closes his eyesas straight as possible behind here one can at most crashinto sheets that just won't dryon the corner of the cemetery is a caféthere are sitting people sittinguntil they can be late somewhere else… Continue reading Poetry in translation: Rapier

Houston we have a problem

after Lotte Dodion belovedi know that you want more space,but how many planets do you want specifically?how many light years do i need to be removed from youso that you can float again?you don’t want to carry me any longeryou want to be weightless againan insignificant dot among so many others?is it anotheranother sun to… Continue reading Houston we have a problem


after Mustafa Kör Comes a day when youall promises notwithstandingare no longer inthe midst of battle commandingbread and love The body proved a toolthat performs what the prompter asked Done with the unrestand the tragedy of heartsThe mystical had a star roleespecially for you You wailed across the worldwhen you became human and balled your… Continue reading Thawed