Cultural memory

Hugged by woodland on one side
at the end of the day
the purple coastal road
lies peacefully
matelassée clouds delicately touching
the frayed horizon

School dining hall in
negative exposure, hushed

trees trapped in amber
shadows counting down from ten

rows of bated breath, a man-scatter

suffused with warm light

cold high ceiling, the glint of a steel fork

resin and salt mixing

a drop of blood echoing in the stone vault

a wet slap as the sun hits the sea

The problem – poem published @ Rogue Agent

Photo by Sasha Sashina on Unsplash

In April of last year, I wrote a series of found poems as part of a project for NaPoWriMo. One of my favourite poems from this series has now found a home with Rogue Agent.

The poem is based on an essay by poet and science writer Kate Horowitz entitled “Performance of a Lifetime: On Invisible Illness, Gender, and Disbelief.”

I’d like to thank Jill Khoury for her support and Kate for lending me her wonderful work!

You can read the poem on the Rogue Agent website.