What Helen of Sparta left behind when she went willingly with Paris

Burnt sienna walls, pomegranate trees, oranges and the river that breaks its banks after the November rains; pieces of eggshell hanging by a ribbon from the shrine roof; clay figurines, storage jars, stories, seal-stones, frescoes, hymns; spring wreaths of hyakinthos and orchis quadripunctata moist with sweat; abducted girlfriends, disguised as boys for their wedding night;… Continue reading What Helen of Sparta left behind when she went willingly with Paris

Poetry reading: 2 mythological poems

My apologies! I had recorded a reading of two poems for IGTV and was planning to add the video to my YouTube channel so I could embed it here. Unfortunately two things happened. One was that I just found out that I can no longer embed videos on my blog, because I downgraded to a… Continue reading Poetry reading: 2 mythological poems

Two poems @ Free Verse Revolution

My artwork on the cover! Two of my new poems "The barmaid" and "The cure" have been published in the inaugural issue of Free Verse Revolution. I also sent in a photomontage artwork to illustrate the first poem, and to my great delight it made the cover! If you'd like to get your hands on… Continue reading Two poems @ Free Verse Revolution

Work accepted by Free Verse Revolution

I have some news to share with you …

Free Verse Revolution:

We hope you are as excited as we are about the release of Issue I: hebe (the fountain of youth)! To tease you a little further, below are the incredible writers, artists and photographers whose work will be featured in our first issue.

The cover reveal will be released this Sunday coming at 2pm GMT.

We cannot wait to share this issue with you in March.

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