A selection of published work

Today or tomorrow, Jalmurra.

The Barmaid (poem & collage), Hebes to Hades, a Free Verse Revolution anthology.

Distasteful, Echo, The birth of a dryad, three poems in Halloween/Revolution chapbook by Renée LaMie.

Fire gone out, poem & collage in Free Verse Revolution issue 3.

Is the Pope catholic?, Fuckboy, Don’t call me baby, three poems in Sunday Mornings at the River, Autumn 2021.

Fed from the breast, Atelier of Healing: poetry about trauma and recovery (anthology), Squircle Line Press.

Dunston checks out, The Anthropocene Hymnal (anthology).

Sinking like a stone (collage), Calliope’s Eyelash: Liminal.

The barmaid, The cure, two poems & a collage, Free Verse Revolution issue 1.

Poetry of the body, Ephemeral Elegies.

The problem, Rogue Agent issue 70.

Fed from the breast, Paper Dragon.

Olly olly oxen free, Pink Plastic House anthology.

Clammed up, the Emma Press anthology of illness.

Watch Us Chase Our Tails, The Poetry Shed.

Please Pay at the Reception Desk on Your Way Out, Blanket Sea [nominated Best of the Net 2020].

The Trip Up, Rogue Agent issue 59.

The Ghost of Me, The Ekphrastic Review.

Reclamation, Haibun Today.

The Time I Lost My Appetite (flash fiction), Reflex Fiction.