Free chapbook download

I have just released my first chapbook under a creative commons licence, and you can get it for free through the following links:

Download from Dropbox

Download from Google Drive

It is a collection of golden shovel poems inspired by Sylvia Plath’s work. I do hope you will download and read. Please let me know what you think of the collection.

Feel free to share my chapbook with other poetry aficionados. You can reproduce all or any part of the book on your blog if you wish, just as long as you comply with the specifics of the creative commons licence.

The poems I used in this project are:

  • On the plethora of dryads
  • Morning song
  • The night dances
  • Childless Woman
  • Brasilia
  • Witch burning
  • Aftermath
  • A life
  • Yadwigha, on a Red Couch, Among Lillies
  • The disquieting muses
  • The eye-mote
  • The hanging man
  • Stillborn
  • Last words
  • I want, I want
  • Winter trees
  • Sheep in fog
  • Polly’s tree
  • Berck-Plage
  • The lady and the earthenware head