Two videos and a bit of news

I have just uploaded two videos I still had lying around since this summer to YouTube. The first video is a reading of my poem Fuckboy, which is one of three poems that appears in Sunday Morning At The River's Autumn 2021 edition. The other one is a reading of Dunston checks out, a poem… Continue reading Two videos and a bit of news

A new collage @ Calliope’s Eyelash

One of my recent collages has been published in this new bi-monthly zine dedicated to surreal and experimental poetry and art. If you would like to see it, the first issue of Calliope's Eyelash is now available to purchase through their website. The zine collects an impressive array of poetry and art from an international… Continue reading A new collage @ Calliope’s Eyelash

Out now: Anthropocene Hymnal

This beautifully presented anthology collects poems from around the world and together they form a poetic response to the joint crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. The anthology is the brainchild of Ingrid Wilson, a poet and writer whose passion for natural conservation is evident in her work. I was lucky enough to have… Continue reading Out now: Anthropocene Hymnal

So this is what it’s like to be interviewed

I was given the opportunity recently to share my personal story and talk about what art and poetry means to me, when my lovely and talented friend Mackenzie Belcastro asked me to write a few words for her blog. Mackenzie is a novelist (about to release her magical realism debut) and a mindset coach. She… Continue reading So this is what it’s like to be interviewed

Two poems @ Free Verse Revolution

My artwork on the cover! Two of my new poems "The barmaid" and "The cure" have been published in the inaugural issue of Free Verse Revolution. I also sent in a photomontage artwork to illustrate the first poem, and to my great delight it made the cover! If you'd like to get your hands on… Continue reading Two poems @ Free Verse Revolution