Tidal Flats

Memento Mori This insipid afternoon of quicksandyour memory is clawing at mesinking and reaching for less treacherous groundscratching at the air, because it is instinctual to fighteven when there is no hope – there are no treesnor branches on the tidal flatsI cower from its force, sitting on the stairswith my brow burrowed inthe crook… Continue reading Tidal Flats


A short while ago I wrote a poem for a creative prompt by a good friend, and in the same week I made a collage for another creative challenge. As it turns out, the two influenced each other and even though the poem initially had a different resonance for me, I increasingly started to read… Continue reading Altitude

A new collage @ Calliope’s Eyelash

One of my recent collages has been published in this new bi-monthly zine dedicated to surreal and experimental poetry and art. If you would like to see it, the first issue of Calliope's Eyelash is now available to purchase through their website. The zine collects an impressive array of poetry and art from an international… Continue reading A new collage @ Calliope’s Eyelash

3 collage art pieces

I have been taking part in some of the collage challenges that are going around on Instagram. Yes, I have been mentioning this particular platform quite a bit lately. I actually really like Instagram. I (almost) never seen dubious selfies or food porn shots there, because I mostly follow other poets and (collage) artists. I… Continue reading 3 collage art pieces