Free chapbook download

I have just released my first chapbook under a creative commons licence, and you can get it for free through the following links:

Download from Dropbox

Download from Google Drive

It is a collection of golden shovel poems inspired by Sylvia Plath’s work. I do hope you will download and read. Please let me know what you think of the collection.

Feel free to share my chapbook with other poetry aficionados. You can reproduce all or any part of the book on your blog if you wish, just as long as you comply with the specifics of the creative commons licence.

12 thoughts on “Free chapbook download”

    1. Thank you Dawn! I just wanted to give back to the opensource community. I rely so much on these freely accessible programs and resources! I hope you will download the chapbook and share it with poetry-loving friends.

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  1. A labor of love and it shows… It is going to take me a nice long time to savor these alongside their sources (many of which I haven’t read for 30 years, if at all) but just from the first three I’m completely in awe. Thank you for making the book freely available, and the layout is beautiful. Did you say you used Canva?

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    1. Thanks so much Sun! I put my strongest poems in the front. A little trick I picked up from reading a lot of chapbooks. Oh, please don’t compare me too closely to Sylvia, haha!

      I don’t use Canva. I used OpenOffice Writer and exported as PDF. The cover was designed with GIMP. I’m a huge fan of opensource software. It’s part of the reason why I chose to release this chapbook under a creative commons licence. A bit of anarchy perhaps?

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      1. They’re all wonderful, but I was particularly drawn to “an anachronism of red”, Chain reaction”, “Unfruitful”, & “Pick your sacrifice”. The sonnets were great too. There isn’t a poem in it that I didn’t like honestly. I like the form in the “vantage point” one too.

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