Two videos and a bit of news

I have just uploaded two videos I still had lying around since this summer to YouTube. The first video is a reading of my poem Fuckboy, which is one of three poems that appears in Sunday Morning At The River’s Autumn 2021 edition.

The other one is a reading of Dunston checks out, a poem which first appeared in The Anthropocene Hymnal.

I hope you enjoy the readings and do drop a comment on YouTube if you feel like it.

Some news

I am currently working on a chapbook of golden shovel poems based on Sylvia Plath’s poetry. The chapbook will contain 26 poems inspired by lines from a selection of Sylvia’s work. Some are famous poems, others less well known. I am even tackling the infamous Berck-Plage with a (sort of) crown of sonnets.

This project is very dear to me. It will be my first self-published booklet. I would like to make it available for free as a digital download, and I’m thinking about submitting to Project Gutenberg’s self-publishing portal. I would like to give back to the open-source community, because I use a lot of open-source material and software myself. I will publish my chapbook, which will be called “Digging for Sylvia”, under a creative commons licence. It should be ready in the spring of next year.

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