A short while ago I wrote a poem for a creative prompt by a good friend, and in the same week I made a collage for another creative challenge. As it turns out, the two influenced each other and even though the poem initially had a different resonance for me, I increasingly started to read it in a way that seemed to talk about the depiction in the collage.

High pressure

after Matsuo Bashō

outside the sounds of summer
i hear the birds and grasses
sing of a gold coiled and all
enveloping, but still that
gold is foreign to me – it remains
out of reach and out of
my way as if the warrior’s
hearsay is the final dream

9 thoughts on “Altitude”

  1. I relate very well to feeling as if the joy of summer days was beyond my reach and not meant for me. Only now, in my 60s, have I found that joy has been inside of me, hiding, all along. Wonderful work❤

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    1. As an empath and a person with chronic fatigue syndrome I shuttle back and forth between hyperconnection and complete disconnection. It causes me great anxiety, but I recently learned a meditation technique that helps me to recognize both states and balance them out, so I can choose to guard or give my energy. I hope it will become easier with practice. Thanks for reading my poem ❤


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