Poetry reading: 2 golden shovels

I recorded another poetry reading earlier this week. This time of two golden shovel poems. The poems use lines from Sylvia Plath’s poems ‘On the plethora of Dryads’ and ‘Childless woman’.

I accidentally deleted the video I made last week, but this one did make it on to YouTube. Unfortunately I’m no longer able to embed videos straight into this blog, so I have posted a screenshot here as an image. If you click the image or the link below it, you can view the video on the YouTube website.

If clicking the image doesn’t work for, try clicking here 🙂

8 thoughts on “Poetry reading: 2 golden shovels”

  1. Phantastic. Even my 8yo who can’t say a few words in English, listened intensely. Collections can intensify the connection to the subject or author. What you did with the book was mesmerising. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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