Poetry reading: 2 mythological poems

My apologies! I had recorded a reading of two poems for IGTV and was planning to add the video to my YouTube channel so I could embed it here. Unfortunately two things happened. One was that I just found out that I can no longer embed videos on my blog, because I downgraded to a less expensive plan. Second, I accidently deleted the video from Google Drive when deleting it from my phone. D’oh indeed!

So I have tried this new (new to me at least) “embed from Instagram”-thing and this probably-for-you-also-blank square is the result. If you have an IG account, clicking on the square should take you to the video. But then again, if you have an IG account, you might already be following me there, so you may have seen this video already.

If you don’t have IG, I’m sorry that you missed this video. I promise not to accidentally delete the next video I record. I’ll be making videos all summer and adding them to my YouTube channel. I won’t be able to embed them here, but I can at least post a link!


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