A senryu affair

carriage rolls
the rhythm of lines
fluttering chest

two moons in front
and to my back a
blazing sun

a mane toss
two crescent moons
lie waiting

a cotton cloud
two moons are eclipsed
but the sun!

I know my mind
like the grooves in your brow
and yet, and yet…

4 thoughts on “A senryu affair”

  1. These are good, Constance. I tried accessing them from my mailbox, but it wouldn’t let me – something to do with proxy settings, whatever they are. But Bing found you anyway.😉

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    1. Thank you Roger! I’m glad you were able to read them anyway. I don’t know much about proxies and I don’t host my site myself (it’s hosted by WordPress), but let me know if you have any more problems 🙂

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