What She Heard

  ‘Look, I know you’ll probably think that something’s wrong. But it’s not like that.’ Aubrey puts her cigarette to her lips and takes a quick drag. She tries to hide the unsteadiness of her hand by staring hard at her mother. Hedy looks at her daughter, who just sat down across from her on…


Bee sits on the wall
with wiry legs, gripping.
Little metallic hooks
dig into mortar,
like a mountaineer

The Nothing

  The birds have been with me since age eleven. I say they are birds, but they aren’t. They are more of a nothingness; a kind of blindness contained within the scraggy bird-like boundaries. Where they are, life is not. I tried to drive them away by reciting nightly incantations. I had to make the…

The Hunting of Gerard Block

Gerard turns the corner and hastens his pace as the bus passes him by and slowly rolls up to the bus stop. A short line of people edges towards the end of the pavement. Gerard joins them, while he reaches into his right trouser pocket for his wallet and carefully extracts his electronic bus pass….

Little Boxes

This 75-word paragraph was featured on Paragraph Planet:

The boxes on the hillside weren’t meant to last. They kept out the spiders and mould for as long as they were cared for; eventually no one cared enough to sweep and polish and mend…